lime mortar poinitng

Lime pointing and masonry repair

       lime mortars & lime pointing 

in the conservation and repair of historic       buildings, monuments and statues

One of the foundations of Eden is the use of lime mortar for pointing and masonry repair and the use of the lime method. Imbued with decades of experience in the the specifying and application of lime across the UK in highly comprehensive historical and architectural contexts. We offer the following expertise:

- Use of hot mixed lime, hydraulic lime & lime putty for pointing and masonry repair.

- The use of lime mortar for the conservation of decorative features, monuments & statues.

- The use of lime for the repair and care of plaster, render and harling.

- We are expert in lime surface paints, lime washes and lime shelter coats.​

- Eden offers materials analysis of mortar and the matching of limes, aggregates and additives. 

hot mixed lime


                Hot mixed lime